The Medjool dates are nowadays the most popular date variety in the world. The unique characters that it has, make the Medjool the most lucrative and sought for date in the worlds’ market.

The Medjool is a very big date, sometimes double than the most common dates and up to 30grams each. Yet, it has a very nice and attractive appearance, very sweet taste, soft flesh.

Deglet Nour

The Deglet Nour is one of the most consumed dates in Europe and North Africa. The date’s weight is 8-10g. The shape of the date is long and narrow with a light brown goldish color. 

The texture can be soft or dray with a unique sweetness. This variety also sells on its branches.


This variety is relatively big 18g or so. The fruit is long and narrow and can be 6-8 cm long. The texture is soft and the fruit is sweet. The skin tends to be separated from the flesh very easily due to the high-water content.


The fruit is yellow and round in its shape. The date is about 15g, juicy like an apple or Sharon fruit. However, the taste is sweet with some astringency, especially when eating the first one. The Barhi is a fresh fruit perfect for the summer months. 

The fruit is available from August to end of October.